The Age Of Trees

Trees grow in height, in width and in depth. The trunk becomes thicker, adding a new layer of wood beneath the bark each year. These layers form concentric rings and so, by counting these rings, we can find out the age of a tree.
The thickness of each ring indicates the weather conditions in which it grew. The rings are wider in case of rain and sun, thinner if the tree has suffered drought.


Interesting things about the age of trees

The oldest living tree is called eternal God and is a Sequoia which has survived more than 12000 years.

The highest numbers of rings counted on a felled tree was a Sequoia over 4000 years.

The oldest pine tree in the USA is 46000 years old.

What How Why

How fast can a dog run?

A Greyhound can run at a speed of 64km per hour, a Weimaraner , once used for hunting wolves and wild boar, can reach speed of up to 56 km per hour in a chase. Many breeds of dog which were once bred for hunting are now more common as pets than hunting Dogs.

Perfumed Flowers

Flowers are perfumed because their petals contain essential oils, widely used in the manufacture of perfume. The oil of the rose, violet and jasmine are the ones most widely used, for medicines and disinfectants, as well as perfume.

A flower’s perfume also attracts pollinating insects, such as bees and wasps. However, there are some flowers which have an unpleasant smell.