The Biggest Cats

Lions and Tigers are the largest cats in existence. With their acute senses, strong bodies, sharp teeth and claws, they are formidable hunters. With Lions, it is nearly always the Lioness that hunts, often in a group with other lionesses. Tigers are solitary animals, and hunt by night. To reach their prey, these big cats can also swim across rivers.


A lion can reach a length of 3m and weigh up to 250kg. A tiger can grow to around 3.6 meters, with a weight of up to 350kg.


A cheetah is an exceptional runner, with an agile and streamlined body and long legs.


The Jaguar is widespread in North America. It has a spotted coat and is an excellent swimmer.


The Panther can either be completely black, or have a yellow coat with black spots.


The Puma is a solitary hunter living in parts of North and South America. Its coat can be reddish or greyish yellow.

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How fast can a dog run?

A Greyhound can run at a speed of 64km per hour, a Weimaraner , once used for hunting wolves and wild boar, can reach speed of up to 56 km per hour in a chase. Many breeds of dog which were once bred for hunting are now more common as pets than hunting Dogs.